The L81 matrix with randomly selected replicates

Application information and a complete design matrix with NOX and CO measurements in Excel and JMP format

For experimental scenario, planning and procedures, see the powerpoint pdf.

The matrix columns are:

  1. Reference start time: The start time for setting the burner angle combination, reach steady state and a steady state measuring period.
  2. RND is random number. The column is sorted in time order. Sorted in random order except for the latter parts that are reruns.
  3. Replicates: O is original runs R is replicate runs i.e. where replicate indicates that there is one other run with identical factor level settings.
  4. Sample # and Factor level (STD order); This is the L81 design standard order. Divided into two columns due to programming convenience.
  5. C1 to C40; are the coded factor setting columns.
  6. NOXM and COM are raw data mean values calculated from the "Reference start time" given in column 1 over a standardized measurement cycle. This is prior to data review.
  7. TS_6 to TS_29 are NOx time series data used to calculate NOxTSm. Analysis shows a process that, on average, reach steady state after 6 measurements.
  8. NOxTSm is the mean value of time series TS_6 to TS_29.
  9. t6 to t29 are CO time series data used to calculate CO629.
  10. CO629 is the mean value of time series t6 to t29.
  11. Log CO629 (base 10) of CO629

Comments on matrix rows:

  1. Tests at 1997-01-21 23:00:00 (RND 7 STD 29) and 1997-01-22 18:20:15 (RND 16 STD 41) did trip on CO - not able to reach steady state.
  2. Test at 1997-01-29 00:00:54 (RND 61 STD 85/replicate of STD 48) burner 6 constant tripping, very high CO levels. As this is a replicate point it will result in a missing replicate, not a missing value.

Runs (rows) under 1. and 2. are considered as not representative for stable plant operation. They are not relevant data points in this investigation and therefore not included in the analysis.

The replicate run factor setting had generated valid NOX and CO time series responses in a previous run. The effort to push it though was constrained by plant operation schedule and therefore aborted.

MATRICES:  a text format version   and the original JMP12 file format version. (note: you may need to add a .jmp filename extension to get a jmp file when downloading)